Jack Ma Rejects Rumors He’s Moving to Hong Kong

Jack Ma 前两天,马云与阿里团队在香港路演,随后香港有媒体称,马云在亚洲路演中透露,已通过投资移民落户香港,预计在2015年底就会正式成为香港永久居民。 Two days ago, Jack Ma and his team gave a roadshow in HK and soon, he was reported to reveal his plan to move to HK as an investment immigrant in the roadshow and expected to be a permanent resident of HK in the end of 2015. 但阿里巴巴官方及马云很快否认了该传言。 However Alibaba and Jack have rejected the rumor soon. 马云本人在来往的“扎堆”里说: Jack said in the “Group” of Laiwang: 刚刚在网上发现自己又“被投资移民”了,还说是我昨天在香港透露的。唉,现在有些报道真让人哭笑不得。 I just found I was rumored to be an investment immigrant and the rumor said I revealed the news yesterday in HK. Alas, some reports now are dumbfounding. 我从没有考虑过移民到任何地方,我在杭州出生,杭州上学,杭州创业,一直都是杭州户口,一切“粮油关系”全在杭州某街道。觉得做“杭州佬”挺好,没有任何想改变现状的计划。 I never consider the possibility to move to another place. I was born in Hangzhou, I received education in Hangzhou, I started my business in Hangzhou, I never changed my registered residence from Hangzhou to another place and my archives are stored by a street office in Hangzhou. I feel so good to live in “Hangzhou “and don’t want to change the situation. 我热爱杭州,喜欢香港,也欣赏世界各地很多城市的文化和魅力。 I love Hangzhou, I like HK and I appreciate the culture and charm of various cities in the world. 我在香港说过,我爱香港,我喜欢那里的朋友,那里的气候,那里的食物,更喜欢她是中国的一部分。。。 I once said in HK that I love HK for my friends, climate and foods here, and the more importantly, it is a part of China. 我对移民也没有偏见,人各有志,我相信绝大部分移民海外的中国人都在以不同的方式支持帮助着中国。但是我本人没有移民的打算,因为我家在杭州。 对了,那些移民香港的大陆人,确切的说应该是移居香港。 I have no prejudice against immigrants. Everyone has his own ambition and I think most Chinese immigrants are supporting China in different ways. But I have no plan to immigrate because my home in here in Hangzhou. By the way, to be precise, we should say mainlanders moves to HK rather than immigrate to HK. 当然,不得不放弃香港的马云口头上还是很客气的,他在路演中说:是阿里错失了香港,而不是香港错过了阿里这次机会。 Although he had to abandon the plan to be listed in HK, Jack was so polite in his roadshow: It can be said that Alibaba missed the opportunity to be listed in HK rather than HK miss the opportunity of Alibaba’s IPO.

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