一词多义以往自己在写英文文章时,总喜欢用一些比较复杂的词,心里暗自得意,以为这样才能体现真正的高水平,然而,做英中项目这么久以来,却发现,越是地道的表达,用的词往往都比较简单,而越是这样简单的文章,却越让我们头疼不已。为什么?因为得绞尽脑汁去想出一些花色来。比如,单纯的一个“beautiful”,通篇都出现,总不能每次都翻译成“漂亮的”吧? 感觉这反倒考验起中文的造诣来了。 这里就例举一个非常常见的词。这个词我们从初学英语时可能就开始接触,到现在,应该算是很熟悉很熟悉的朋友了。然而,要真正把这个朋友表达成地道、生动的中文,也并不是一件容易的事情。 下面我们就来看看一些例子: The young lady is carrying a pot of water on her head. 这位年轻女士着一罐水。

He is carrying a box on his shoulder. 他着一个箱子。

He is carrying a sedan chair on his shoulders with another sedan-bearer. 他同另外一个轿夫着轿子。

He is carrying two baskets with a pole on his shoulders.着两个篮子。

She is carrying a basket on her arm. 她着一个篮子。

She is carrying on baby on her back. 她着一个婴儿。

She is carrying a handbag in her hand. 她着一个手袋。 He is carrying a flag with his raised hands. 他着一面旗帜。

He is carrying a book under his arm. 他着一本书。

She is carrying a baby in her arms. 她着一个婴儿。

She is carrying a bunch of flowers in her hands upwards. 她着一束花。


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