連動債Structured Note. 連動債券(Structured Note),又稱結構式商品。 理論上,連動債是一種債券加選擇權的商品,利用部份資金去買高息債券以達到長期保本的功能, market niche差異化市場               in scrip form  採取以股代息方式派發 Thereunder: 就是under that , 譯為   及其项下拟进行交易   Thereafter: 就是after that  其后 财经繁体翻译中,一句中最好不超过三个“之”,“之”字运用要灵活处理.  As the case may be: (視乎情況而定) Distribution in species/kinds實物分派                  board lot size  股份交易單位 Breakeven position 達到收支平衡 Here by 謹此     In order to 藉此           Currently 現時 Premium to the price: 較價格有溢價 For an immediate cash consideration 以換取即期現金代價 And should the opportunities arise other related businesses 並將於機會出現時從事其他相關業務 The terms are entered into upon normal commercial terms following arm’s length negotiations,and are fair and reasonable so far as the Shareholders are concerned.   條款乃按一般商業條款訂立,並經公平磋商,對股東而言公平合理。 Reference is made to      茲提述 Unless otherwise stated, terms used in this announcement shall have the same meanings as defined in the Announcement. 除文義另有所指外,本公佈所用詞彙與公佈所界定者具有相同涵義。 Credit arising from the Capital Reduction of HKD 3000, will be transferred to the contributed surplus account of the Company to set-off the accumulated losses.    削減股本所産生之進帳額3000港元,將轉撥至本公司之繳入盈餘帳,以抵銷本公司之累計虧損。 The remaining credit balance of such account:   該帳項之餘下進帳額結餘: The Capital Reduction is conditional upon, among other things, passing by the Shareholders:   削減股本須待(其中包括)股東批准後,方可作實。 Completion of the Subscription is conditional upon: 認購事項須待以下條件達成後,方為完成。 Intend to put forward to the Shareholders     擬向股東提呈 Bye-Law: 公司細則       Dispatch: 寄發         deliver交付 As soon as practicable for information purpose     將於可行情況下儘快寄發予股東,以供彼等參考。 Subject to the fulfillment of the Conditions Precedent   在達成先決條件之規限下 Cancel the paid-up capital to the extend of HK 0.90 on each issued Share:      注銷每股已發行股份為數0.90港元之繳足(paid up)股本 Pay its liabilities as they fall due:  支付其到期之負債 The table is prepared on the assumption:   本表乃假設於……而編制 The Board also considers it desirable to:    董事會亦認為……乃屬適宜。 The following expected timetable is indicative only, and may be subject to change:   下列預期時間表僅供參考之用,可予更改: The announcement appears for information only   本公佈僅供參考之用 Share certificates for existing Shares will continue to be good evidence of legal title:    現有股份之股票將繼續為有效法定擁有權憑證。 The Placing Agent has agreed to, on a fully underwritten basis, procure purchasers to acquire:   配售代理同意按全數包銷基準安排購買人購買                      Procure: 促使 The Placing is fully underwritten by the Joint Bookrunners on a several and not joint basis: 配售事項由聯席帳簿管理人按個別(而非共同)基準全數包銷。 The closing price as quoted on the Stock Exchange 在聯交所所報之收市價

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