GENERAL MEETINGS 1. An annual general meeting of the Company shall be held in each year other than the year in which its statutory meeting is convened at such time (within a period of not more than fifteen (15) months after the holding of the last preceding annual general meeting unless a longer period would not infringe the rules or regulations of the Designated Stock Exchange, if any) and place as may be determined by the Board. In addition, for so long as the shares of the Company are listed on the Designated Stock Exchange, the interval between the close of the Company's financial year and the date of the Company's annual general meeting shall not exceed four (4) months or such other period as may be prescribed or permitted by the Designated Stock Exchange. 2. Each general meeting, other than an annual general meeting, shall be called a special general meeting. General meetings may be held in any part of the world as may be determined by the Board. 3. The Board may whenever it thinks fit call special general meetings, and, subject to the Act, Members holding at the date of deposit of the requisition not less than one-tenth of the paid up capital of the Company carrying the right of voting at general meetings of the Company shall at all times have the right, by written requisition to the Board or the Secretary of the Company, to require a special general meeting to be called by the Board for the transaction of any business specified in such requisition; and such meeting shall be held within two (2) months after the deposit of such requisition. If within twenty-one (21) days of such deposit the Board fails to proceed to convene such meeting the requisitionists themselves may do so in accordance with the provisions of Section 74(3) of the Act. 译文 股東大會 4. 除本公司法定會議舉行之年度外,本公司須每年舉行一次股東週年大會,舉行事件及地點可由董事會決定,惟舉行日期不得遲於上屆股東週年大會舉行後十五(15)個月,除非較長期間並無違反任何指定證券交易所之條例或規定(如有),則作別論。此外,倘本公司股份於指定證券交易所上市,本公司財政年度結算日與其股東週年大會舉行日期相距時間不得超逾過四(4)個月或指定證券交易所可能指定或允許之其他期間。 5. 股東週年大會以外之每個股東大會均稱為股東特別大會。股東大會可於董事會決定之世界任何地方舉行。 6. 董事會可根據公司法於其認為適當之任何時間召開股東特別大會。 任何於遞呈要求日期持有不少於本公司繳入股本(附有於本公司股東大會表決權利)十分之一的股東,有權於任何時候透過向董事會或公司秘書發出書面要求,要求董事會召開股東特別大會,以處理有關要求中指明之任何事項;且該大會應於遞呈該要求後兩(2)個月內舉行。倘遞呈後二十一(21)日內,董事會未有召開該大會,則遞呈要求人士可自行根據條例第74(3)條以同樣方式作出此舉。

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