网络流行语/热语的翻译(Translations for the popular Internet words)

网络流行语/热语的翻译(Translations for the popular Internet words) 这个时代网络日新月异,流行词语层出不穷。你我需要时常关注网络热词,一不留神就 OUT 了。 这些热语的共同特点是流行时尚又不乏诙谐幽默,反映着当今的社会现象,透露出草根们无可奈何的调侃。请看如下之有趣的翻译: 不管你信不信,反正我信了 Believe it or not, anyway, I believe it. 淡定,神马都是浮云  Easy, everything is nothing. 不要迷恋哥,哥只是个传说 Do not be infatuated with me. I am just a legend. 你妈喊你回家吃饭!  Your mother asks you to go home to have dinner 哥抽的不是烟,是寂寞  What brother is smoking is not a cigarette, but loneliness! 今天你偷菜了吗? Did you steal it today? 嫁人就嫁灰太狼,做人要做懒羊羊!”  bein' a person as lollin' lollin' goat, and to marry a man as big big wolf. 信春哥 得永生 believe Mr Chun, undead, reborn in the place where you die 很黄很暴力 very pornographic, very violent 人生就像茶几,上面摆满了杯具(悲剧)和餐具(惨剧) Life is a tea table, with bitter cups and tragic cutleries  你有什么不开心的事? 说出来让大家开心一下 What makes you unhappy? Tell us to make us happy.  你out 了  You are left behind the times. 看广告看的好好的,怎么突然蹦出个电视剧 Happily watching commercials, how did a television drama suddenly appear? 每个成功的奥特曼背后都有一个默默挨打的怪兽 Behind every Ultraman success is a silent beaten little monster  从未在超越,一直在模仿  Never surpassed, always imitated! 我们的目标是:为人民币服务!Our goal: serve the people’s currency 别人都在假装正经,我只好假装不正经 Since everyone else is acting so serious, so I have to act like a joker 打酱油 get some soy sauce 抢抢族 catch-it-quick schemers 交白卷  with nothing to show 逼婚 Forced into a marriage 月光族 New poor 富二代/穷二代 The rich/poor second generation 不差钱  Not bad money/money is not a problem 你懂的 You know 给力 gelivable

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