AAT(Average access time,平均存取时间) ABS(Auto Balance System,自动平衡系统) ASMO(Advanced Storage Magneto-Optical,增强形光学内存) AST(Average Seek time,平均寻道时间) ATA(AT Attachment,AT扩展型) ATOMM(Advanced super Thin-layer and high-Output Metal Media,增强形超薄高速金属媒体) bps(bit per second,位/秒) CSS(Common Command Set,通用指令集) DMA(Direct Memory Access,直接内存存取) DVD(Digital Video Disk,数字视频光盘) EIDE(enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics,增强形电子集成驱动器) FAT(File Allocation Tables,文件分配表) FDBM(Fluid dynamic bearing motors,液态轴承马达) FDC(Floppy Disk Controller,软盘驱动器控制装置) FDD(Floppy Disk Driver,软盘驱动器) GMR(giant magnetoresistive,巨型磁阻) HDA(head disk assembly,磁头集合) HiFD(high-capacity floppy disk,高容量软盘) IDE(Integrated Drive Electronics,电子集成驱动器) LBA(Logical Block Addressing,逻辑块寻址) MBR(Master Boot Record,主引导记录) MTBF(Mean Time Before Failure,平均故障时间) PIO(Programmed Input Output,可编程输入输出模式) PRML(Partial Response Maximum Likelihood,最大可能部分反应,用于提高磁盘读写传输率) RPM(Rotation Per Minute,转/分) RSD(Removable Storage Device,移动式存储设备) SCSI(Small Computer System Interface,小型计算机系统接口) SCMA(SCSI Configured Auto Magically,SCSI自动配置) S.M.A.R.T.(Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology,自动监测、分析和报告技术) SPS(Shock Protection System,抗震保护系统) Ultra DMA(Ultra Direct Memory Access,超高速直接内存存取) LVD(Low Voltage Differential) Seagate硬盘品牌 希捷 DiscWizard(磁盘控制软件) DST(Drive Self Test,磁盘自检程序) SeaShield(防静电防撞击外壳)

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