百变 With 的译法

之所以说 with 是百变的,是因为 with 在英文里虽然词性只有介词,但是意思却是丰富多彩的。下面我们从各个方面分析 with 这个词的译法。 1. with 表示附着关系,通常译为“具有”、“带有”等,也可省译。 E.g. In accordance with demands the exam table can be equipped with the following devices. 根据要求,检查床可备有以下装置。 The chief problem with that company is that its policy is not integrated. 那家公司的主要问题是制度不完善。(省译 with) 2. 表示使用的工具、手段、方式等,通常译为“用”、“以”、“带着”等,这也是我们比较常用的一种。 The beam of flashlight also can be refocused with lenses. 闪光灯束也可以用透镜重新聚焦。 The best way to judge an object with or without electricity is with electroprobe. 判断一个物体是否带电最好的方法是用电笔。 See with naked eyes。 用肉眼看。 3. 表依据,通常翻译成“根据”。 e.g. Make sure when this group will join in the activity With serial number 根据序号,确定这个小组参加活动的时间。 4. 表示原因,通常译为“由于”、“因”等 With his carelessness, the public bus was driven into the house at the side of road. 由于他的粗心大意,公共汽车被开到路边的房子里了。 The little baby is trembling with cold. 小婴儿因为寒冷而浑身发抖。 5. 表两种事物或人之间的相互关系,常常译为“与”、“和……一起”、“随着”、“和”等等。 With our boss coming, the whole office became silent. 随着老板的到来,整个办公室都变得鸦雀无声了。 The new version should be compatible with existing software. 新版本需与现有软件相互兼容。 6. 表让步,可译为“虽然”、“尽管”等,意思上相当于although,但是although后面接句子,而with后面接词或短语。 With his great ability, he is still not paid attention by his boss. 尽管他能力非凡,但是还是未被老板重视。 With all the help from machines, farming still requires hard work with long time. 尽管机器提供了这么多的帮助,但是经营农业仍需要长期地艰苦劳作。 7. 表条件,译为“只要”、“如果”、“只有”。 Only with our collaboration, the target can be achieved. 只有我们齐心协力,才能达到目标。 With a satellite, it is not necessary to use ground relay stations. 如果有了微型,就没必要使用地面中继站了。 8. with 其他结构 a. with + 名词 + 介词短语 The politics teacher came in with a cup of tea in her hand. 政治老师端着一杯水进来了。 With the medicine box under her arm, doctor Wang hurried off to exam his patient. 王医生挎着药箱匆匆去给他的患者检查了。 b. “with + 名词(短语)+分词” With young people considering lateness the norm rather than impoliteness, good timekeeping nowadays is becoming a forgotten social etiquette. 年轻人认为迟到很正常,并不是失礼行为,因而良好的守时习惯现在正在成为被人遗忘的社交礼节。 C. with + 名词+形容词/副词 With the door open, people who was in the next room could hear what we chatted. 由于门开着,在隔壁房间的人能听到我们的聊天内容。 With 是一个比较灵活的介词,其后所跟成分比较灵活,因而翻译成中文的意思也需根据上下文来判断。

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