法律翻译 - here、there 和 where + 介词

法律文件中我们会碰到一些早已过时的古英语,尤其是 here、there 和 where 与介词合成的词语,如 - hereafter, herein, hereof, hereto, heretofore, hereunder, herewith; - thereafter, thereat, thereby, therefor, therefrom, therein, thereof, thereon, thereto, theretofore, thereunder, therewith; - whereas, whereby, wherein, whereof 虽然不常用,但是只要我们将其分解,即可明白这些合成词所指的含义。 其中,Here, there 和 where = which,即 herein = in which hereof = of which therefrom = from which whereby = by which herewith = with which 等等 一般来说 here 就是代表协议、合同等法律文件本身,而 there 和 where 则是代表句中前文说讲述的事物,如 You agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein (herein = in the agreement) 您同意本合同规定的条款和条件 It is not allowed to pass the data or any derivative therefrom on to any third party. (therefrom = from the data) 不得将该数据或其衍生品传递给任何第三方。
hereafter(此后) hereafter referred to as “contract” 以下称为“合同”
herein(此中,本协议中) You agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein 您同意本合同规定的条款和条件
hereof(于此,关于此点,本协议的) If any term hereof conflicts with applicable law, that term shall be invalid. 如果本协议的任何条款与适用法律冲突,则该条款无效。
hereto(于此,本协议的) in witness whereof, the parties hereto have executed this agreement on the date above written 以资证明,本协议双方于上述日期已签署本协议
heretofore(此时以前) any action taken heretofore or hereafter by the Insurance companies 在此之前或以后由保险公司采取的任何行动
hereunder(在下面,在下(文)) Obligations hereunder 本协议项下的义务
herewith(同此, 因此) I am sending you herewith a cheque. 现附上支票一张。
thereafter(此后) The contributions from each of the employers and employees are subject to a cap of $xxx per month and thereafter contributions are voluntary. 雇主及雇员各自的供款上限为每月 $xxx 元,其后均为自愿供款。
thereat(在那时,在那里,于是,因此) capture, seizure, arrest, restraint, or detainment (piracy excepted), and the consequences thereof or any attempt thereat 捕获、扣押、扣留、拘留或羁押(海盗除外),及由此引起的后果或企图这么做的任何威胁
thereby(因此,由此) Unlawfully using weapons or police restraint implements, thereby causing bodily injury or death to a citizen; or 违法使用武器、警械造成公民身体伤害或者死亡的;
therefor(为此) Compensation expenses shall be entered in the financial budget at various levels, specific measures therefor are to be provided by the State Council. 赔偿费用,列入各级财政预算,具体办法由国务院规定。
therefrom(从此,从那里) consequences arising therefrom 由此引起的后果
therein(其中) this appendix is deemed to be incorporated therein 本附件视为本协议的一部分
thereof(关于,由此) subject to the jurisdiction thereof 受其管辖
thereon(在其上,关于那) including interest, penalties, legal and other costs and any taxes thereon 包括利息、罚款、法律与其它费用及其任何税款
thereto(到其上,对其) “NDRC” means the PRC National Development and Reform Commission, and any governmental body that is a successor thereto “发改委”指中华人民共和国国家发展和改革委员会或承继其职责的任何政府机构
thereunder(在其下,依据) subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and pursuant to Section 4(2) of the Securities Act and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder 根据本协议规定的条款和条件以及根据美国《证券法》第4(2)条规定以及美国《证券法》下其他规则、条例规定
therewith(随其,对其) If the other party disagrees therewith, the party in question may request the people’s court or an arbitration institution to confirm rescission of the effectiveness of the contract. 对方有异议的,可以请求人民法院或者仲裁机构确认解除合同的效力。
whereas(鉴此,鉴于) WHEREAS the parties mutually agree to accept and refer to the General Terms and Definitions as set out by INCOTERMS Edition 2000 with the latest amendments. 鉴此,买卖双方平等同意接受并参照《国际商会准则2000条款》的最新修改条款。
whereby(凭什么,为何,凭此协议, 凭此条款) A sales contract refers to a contract whereby the seller transfers the ownership of an object to the buyer and the buyer pays the price for the object. 买卖合同是出卖人转让标的物的所有权于买受人而买受人支付价款的合同。
wherein(在其中) If a company buys another company wherein you had a contract, is that contract still in place or does it become null and void? 如果一家公司收购了与您签订了合约的另一家公司,该合约是否有效或变得无效?
whereof(=of whom, of which, of what,关于那人, 关于那事, 关于那物) in witness whereof 以资证明

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