1. 准确理解原文 我们在处理汉英翻译时,翻译前一定要先读懂原文意思,如果只是按照原文死板翻译,译文读起来就会感到生硬别扭,甚至让人不知所云。下面我们来举例说明。 原文: 资料完整的67例脊柱侧凸患者均在我院接受过治疗,其中52例采用支具保守治疗,15例采用手术治疗。 译文: All the patients of 67 cases with complete data were treated in our hospital; and 52 cases were treated with conservative bracing therapy, and 15 cases were treated with operation. 分析: 很明显译员没有领会原文的意思。译文读上去让人摸不着头脑。根据上下文,我们不难发现原文想要表达的意思是,共选择了 67 例病患分别接受支具保守治疗和手术治疗,以期比较这两种治疗方法的效果。 建议: A total of 67 scoliosis patients with complete data who had undergone treatment in our hospital were selected for the study, among which 52 cases were treated with conservative bracing therapy and 15 cases were treated with surgery. 2. 适当断句 有时候中文一句话可能很长,这需要我们进行准确断句。 原文: 脊柱侧凸是危害青少年和儿童的常见病,临床常在脊柱正位X线片上借助Cobb法测量侧凸角,对其严重程度进行评价,并根据侧凸角大小决定是否需要治疗,以及采取何种方式治疗,同样也根据Cobb角大小的变化来评价治疗效果。 译文: Scoliosis is a common disease harmful to teenagers and children. Clinically, its severity is often evaluated by measuring the side convex angle on the x-ray image of normotopia the with Cobb method; it is determined whether it is necessary for treatment or which treatment way should be adopted according to the side convex angle; and at the same time treatment efficiency is evaluated according to the measured side convex angle with Cobb method. 分析: 译文貌似进行了断句,但是采用分局形式不太符合英文的习惯,而且意思也表达得不够明确。 建议: Scoliosis is a common disease of teenagers and children. Its clinical severity is predominantly determined by measuring the scoliosis angle on the spine X-ray image (AP View) with the Cobb method. The Cobb angle is an important measurement in diagnosing scoliosis and determining whether the treatment is necessary and what kind of treatment is needed. Moreover, the change in Cobb angle is also a key criterion by which to assess the clinical curative effects in treatment of scoliosis 3. 灵活调整修饰语的位置 原文: 由A、B两位经过测量培训的高年资主治医师,采用中线法和Cobb法,在PACS工作站上借助系统具有的距离和Cobb角测量功能独立测量。 译文: Two senior in-chief physicians trained with measurement adopted the anis-line technique and Cobb method and measured separately at the PACS work station with the aid of the distance and  the Cobb angle measuring function the  system possesses . 分析: 灵活处理修饰语的位置,让句子看起来更地道。 建议: Adopting the ALDT and Cobb method, two senior physicians A and B, who have undergone professional measurement training, independently took measurements based on the available distances and Cobb angle measurement function on the PACS work station.

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