校花”和“校草”英文这样说 很多年以前,学校、班级,甚至宿舍就已经有“花”这个称谓了,说的是学校、班级或者宿舍范围内最漂亮的女孩子。可是,校园里只有花是不行的。于是,就有了现在跟“校花”相映成趣的“校草”。 “校花”的英文说法最常见的有school babe和campus belle两种。 Babe is a word used to address a young woman, or your wife, husband or lover, usually expressing affection but sometimes considered offensive if used by a man to a woman he does not know. Now many people use it to refer to an attractive young woman, for example: she is really a babe. Babe这个词是对年轻女子或爱人的昵称,男子用以称呼不相识的女子则有冒犯之嫌。不过,现在很多人都用这个词来指代年轻貌美的女子。例如:她真是个美女。 French word "belle" means beautiful woman, hence, campus belle is the most beautiful girl in the school. Belle是个法语词,意思是“美丽的女人”,那么campus belle也就是学校里最美丽的女子(即“校花”)了。 “校草”的英文表达呼声最高的当属school hunk了。 Hunk is a slang term for a sexually appealing man, a person who is sexually attractive or a well-muscled, sexualized man. Hunk是个俚语表达,指性感有魅力的男子,或者身形健壮、有吸引力的男子。

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