七夕是中国的情人节,随着全球化的发展,中国的文化受到越来越多外国人的追捧,七夕情人节刚过,一起来看下老外如何表白吧: 1.Meeting you was fate, and falling in love with you was out of my control。 遇见你是命运的安排而爱上你是我情不自禁。 2.Do you have a map? Because I just keep losting in your eyes. 你有地图么?因为我刚在你的眼神中迷失了。 3.No man or woman is worth your tears and the one who is, won"t make your cry。 没人值得你为ta流泪,真正爱你的人不会让你哭泣。 4.There are two reasons why I wake up in the morning: my alarm clock and you。 我早上愿意醒来为两个理由: 闹钟和你。 5.You are everything to me, and I was so blessed when god sent you here for me 你是我的一切,我是如此幸运上帝让你来到我身边。 6.In spite of you and me and the silly world going to pieces around us,I love you。 哪怕是世界末日,我都会爱你。 7.If I could rearrange the alphabet,I"d put Y and I together。 如果我能重新来排列字母,我要把Y(你)跟I(我)在一起。 8.It"s not being in love that makes me happy, but is being in love with you。 不是恋爱的感觉让我幸福而是爱上你的感觉让我幸福。 9.There are 4 steps to happiness: 1 you 2 me 3 our hearts 4 together 通过四步就能幸福:1 你 2 我 3 我们的心 4 在一起。 10.Love you so I don`t wanna go to sleep, for reality is better than a dream。 爱你所以我不愿去睡觉,因为现实比梦境更美好。

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