总裁室:CEO office/supremmo office/president office

总裁助理室:President assistant room

副总裁室:Vice CEO room

合规总监室:Director of compliance

董事会秘书室:Board secretary's office

工会主席室:The trade union chairman office

综合办公室:Comprehensive office

合规与风控稽核部:Compliance with the control of audit department

人力资源部:The human resources department

财务管理中心:Financial management center

渠道营销部:Marketing channel department

信息系统保障部:Information system security

服务推进部:Service promote department

经纪业务管理部:Brokerage business management

存管清算部:The liquidation department

行政管理部:Administrative department

研究部:The research department

财务顾问部:Financial advisers department

值班室:The duty room

文印室:The printing room

档案室:The records/archives/files room

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