对于化妆品/护肤品产品翻译,市面上所见的这些产品包装都普遍遵循这样一个规律或者说是样式: 名称 特点 产品宣传软文 功效 成分 用法 适合人群 原料产地等 (顺序因厂家设计会有不同) 而化妆品/护肤品中最常涉及的用词便是“保湿”“修复”“靓颜”等 下面以一款护手霜为例,简单分享化妆品/护肤品的翻译 护手霜: 翻译例文: 玫瑰干裂保湿出水护手霜 Rose anti-cracked moist water-pulling hand cream 特色:全新“触肤出水”二代配方,缔造完美水润手感,防干防裂! New formula of water-pulling generation II, creating perfect water embellish feel, prevent dry & anti- crack! 玫瑰“深”级保湿,防干裂: 含优质的玫瑰花提取物和蔷薇花油,迅速软化角质层,深层滋润,修复因干燥损伤所导致的冻疮,皲裂,手茧,令双手快速回复水嫩幼滑,协同维他命A, E等丰富润扬成分,为肌肤构建起透水的保护屏障,防止水分流失,且能有效抵御风寒,阳光及干燥气候的损害,令双手小时保持湿润,幼滑,预防干裂。 “Deep” rose, moisture, prevent crack: including rose extract oil, quickly softening comeous layer, deep moisture, repair the damage caused by dry of frostbite, chaps, hand cocoon, quick recover hands smooth, collaborated with vitamin A,E, etc, rich nourishing composition, build up protective barriers, prevent crack for  hours. 成分:Ingredients 用法:Usage

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