新疆风情/新疆风味 Xinjiang Special Cuisine 大盘鸡 Xinjiang Style Braised Chicken 红焖羊肉 Braised Lamb in Brown Sauce 香酥羊排 Flavor Fried Lamb Racks 葱爆羊肉 Sautéed Sliced Lamb with Green Onion 孜然羊排 Fried Lamb Racks with Cumin 馕包肉 Xinjiang Style Braised Lamb Chops with Nan-bread 新疆馕包鸡 Xinjiang Style Braised Chicken with Nan-bread 酸奶 Yogurt 馕炒肉 Sautéed Lamb with Nan-bread 爆炒羊头肉 Sautéed Sliced Jemmy 爆炒羊肉 Sautéed Sliced Mutton 风味大盘牛肚 Special Flavor Tripe 新疆一品炒馕 Special Flavor Sautéed Mutton with Nan-bread 辣爆羊蹄 Spicy Sautéed Lamb Feet 牙签肉 Fried Mutton on Toothpicks 羊羯子(麻辣) Spicy Stew Lamb Chine 塔里木羊棒骨 Tarim Special Flavor Roasted Lamb Shank 白条手抓肉 Plain Boiled Lamb Rack 小碗牛肉 Stewed Beef Served in Small Bowl 蒜烧肚片 Stew Tripe with Garlic 风味羊腰 Special Flavor Lamb Kidney 葱爆腰子 Sautéed Lamb Kidney with Green Onion 爆烧肚片 Sautéed Tripe 孜然牛蹄筋 Sautéed Beef Tendon with Cumin 清炖羊排 Stew Lamb Rack 馕丁炒牛肉 Sautéed Veal with Chopped Nan-Bread 爆肚 Quick Boiled Lamb Tripe 炖板筋 Stew Beef Neck Tendon 炒烤肉 Grilled Mutton with Cumin 孜然羊脆骨 Sautéed Lamb Cartilage with Cumin 炒腰子 Sautéed Lamb Kidney 牛肉蔬菜杂烩 Stewed Beef with Vegetables 爆炒牛肉 Sautéed Veal 炒烤板筋 Grilled Beef Neck Tendon 新疆大盘肚 Xinjiang Style Braised Tripe 新疆炒烩菜 Xinjiang Style Hotchpotch 清炒牛(羊)肚丝 Plain Sautéed Shredded Tripe 葱烧蹄筋 Braised Beef Tendon with Green Onion 酱板筋 Soy Stewed Beef Neck Tendon 烧烤鸡胗 Grilled Chicken Gizzard 皮芽炒肉 Sautéed Beef with Onion 红烧牛蹄筋 Braised Beef Tendon 风味香辣羊排 Spicy Lamb Rack 锅仔羊杂 Sweetbread Broth in Mini Hotpot 锅仔野山菌 Wild Mushroom Broth in Mini Hotpot 老干妈牛肉 Sautéed Beef with Black Bean Chili Sauce 咖喱鸡块 Curry Chicken 木须肉 Moo Shu Beef (sautéed sliced beef or mutton with egg and black mushroom) 咖哩黑椒牛柳 Curry Beef Filet with Black Pepper 小炒黄牛肉 Special Sautéed Sliced Beef 醋溜木须 Vinegar Flavored Moo Shu Beef 小炒羊肉 Special Sautéed Sliced Mutton 香菜爆牛肉 Sautéed Beef with Coriander 尖椒牛柳 Sautéed Beef Filet with Hot Pepper 香妃羊肉汤 Special Flavored Mutton Soup 过油肉 Sautéed Sliced Mutton with Onion, Hot Pepper and Tomato 辣子鸡丁 Sautéed Chicken with Chili 青椒鸡块 Sautéed Chicken with Sweet pepper 辣子肉 Braised Mutton with Chili 肉沫炒蹄筋 Sautéed Beef Tendon with minced Beef 芫爆肚丝 Sautéed Shredded Tripe with Coriander 尖椒牛心管 Sautéed Ox Heart Blood Vessel with Chili 红烧羊棒骨 Brown Stewed Lamb Shank 尖椒羊头肉 Sautéed Jemmy with Hot Pepper 葱烧肚条 Braised Tripe with Green Onion 扒牛肉条 Plain Braised Beef Tenderloin 酱羊蹄 Braised Lamb Feet 香辣牛柳(香麻) Sautéed Beef Filet with Spicy Sauce 家常蹄筋 Homely Braised Beef Tendon 肉沫土豆泥 Meshed Potato with Minced Mutton Sauce 干煸牛肉 Sautéed Shredded Beef with Chili Sauce 重庆辣子鸡 Sautéed Diced Chicken with Chili, Chongqing Style 土豆烧牛肉 Braised Beef with Potato 麻辣宽粉 Braised Broad-starch-vermicelli with Spicy Sauce

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