Discount  打折 manufacturer's list price  出厂价 retail price  零售价 list price  报价 打折原因通常包括: 促进短期销售业绩(increase short-term sales) 处理库存(move out-of-date stock) 回报重要客户(reward valuable customers) 鼓励销售渠道成员(encourage distribution channel members) 促销手段(sales promotion)。 打折有很多种情况,常见的包括: 季节性打折(seasonal discount) 淡季(slack period)。 讨价还价(bargaining) 数量累积折扣(cumulative quantity discount/accumulation discount) 多买少算的规模经济(economy of scale) 团购(buyer group/co-op)属于这种情况 优惠券(coupon) 凭证(voucher) 持有者(holder)可以获得一定金额(%amount)或一定百分比(percentage)的折扣。 现金返还(rebate)通常指全额付款后返回一部分现金给购买者。现在很多商场搞的返券活动应该属于此类。例如,广告上说"$59 After Rebate",但全价(OTD/Out-the-door)是$89,这里消费者需要办理返现(redeem)的金额是30美元。 此外还有促销让利(promotional allowance)或代理折让(brokerage allowance)等。 For example: Do not they have the expression at all to give a discount? 他们根本没表示打折扣吗? On production of your membership card, you will receive a discount on purchases. 持购物可享受折扣优待. The discount gave me a saving of $ 25. 这个折扣使我节约了25美元。 The dealer gave us an allowance on our old car. 车商给我们的旧车打了折扣 The price. Isn't it possible to give us even a little more discount? 价格问题。难道不能多打点折扣吗? His confidence was eroded. 他的信心顿时就打了折扣。 Better reduce the price than allow a discount. 与其给折扣,不如减价。 Many stores do not discount at all. 许多商店出售商品一概不打折扣。 make some discount before accepting a story 听对方的话须打一些折扣 (才相信) We give a special discount of 10 per cent for cash. 如用现金购买,我们给予九折优待。 That store discounts all its slow-selling goods. 那家商店削价出售所有滞销货。 He sold the goods to her at a special discount. 他以特别优惠的价格把货卖给了她。 That store discounts all its unsold merchandise. 那家商店减价出售所有卖不掉的商品。 We are selling these ties at a 5 percent discount. 这些领带我们打95折出售 They give discount to visitors in groups. 他们对团体来宾打折扣。 There's a discount for these sample copies. 这些样书打折扣出售。 That store discounted all its unsold merchandice. 那家商店把所有没卖出的商品打折出售。

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