价格、优惠价、零售价等的英文翻译说法 (转载)

Sales 天天要跟客户谈价格,在此转载下列有关价格的用语,希望有所帮助。

价格英语表达之一:形容词(名词)+名词 reasonable price(合理的价格)moderate/fair price(公平价格) a good price(好价格)attractive price(诱人的价格) favorable price(优惠价)competitive price(竞争价格) high price(高价)list price(价目单定价) low price(低价)highest price(最高价) lowest price(最低价)rock-bottom price(最低价) retail/tag price(零售价)fixed price(固定价格) a nominal price(名义价、虚价)a reduced price(折扣价) wholesale price(批发价)import price(进口价) export price(出口价) market price(市场价) home market price(国内市场价)international market price(国际市场价) 价格英文表达之二:动词+名词 bring down/lower/reduce prices(降价)cut/ slash prices(削价) charge a high price(索高价)raise prices(提价) offer a price(出价)readjust prices(重新调价) stabilize prices(稳定物价)set/fix a price(定出价格) 英文价格的说法之三:名词+动词 Prices drop/fall/decline/go down.(物价下跌) Prices jump up/rise/shoot up/go up.(物价上涨) Prices remain stable.(物价稳定)Prices fluctuate.(物价波动) 另外,在具体生活中, 价格的表达方式很多,需灵活使用。不过,有两点还请读者注意。 其一,表示物价的“高”,“低”且与price搭配时分别要用high和low;表示某物的“贵”,“贱”时分别要用expensive和cheap。二者不能混淆,但可以变通。如: The prices of watches are low at that shop. =Watches are cheap at that shop. 那家商店的手表便宜。 The prices of tomatoes are high in this market. =Tomatoes are expensive in this market.这个市场的西红柿贵。 其二,询问价格时要注意what与price 连用; how much 与某物连用。如: What is the price of this car? =How much is this car? 这辆小汽车多少钱?

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